Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday: 022714-030514

This past week I want to believe I have accomplished more than I usually do. I am positive and hopeful for the coming days but I still place them all in the hands of the Author of my life. I have crossed out all of the important To-do in my checklist and for that I am thankful. In my life where my needs are somehow impediments to my wants, it can really be exhausting trying to juggle them altogether. There are still times when I let out a sigh and blurt “Hayyy buhay nga naman...” But still LIFE GOES ON. And I can’t just be pegged to where I am currently in. Having all these carried by my brain cells, I feel thankful that I am in capacity to ‘de-stress’ myself and still move on in this crazy thing called life, to talk to people, to eat good food, to explore places, to discover moments, to simply breathe and walk. For all these realizations and seemingly trivial things, I am truly thankful. I have my jiffies of dramas like this but just like sweat that needs to be secreted I am just letting these out.

And below’s a round-up of gratefull posts from

I was again tasked but I’m taking it as they gave me a chance to surprise someone from the team because it’s his birthday. I love doing surprises anyway and they know I’d be glad to. We’re all glad that he was indeed surprised and how touched he was. That Pepsi in the photo is a simple gesture of thanks from the celebrant. Making people feel that they are remembered is something I would never tire of doing.

Sulit and yummy meal. How can one not be thankful for a good fat burger patty and thick french fries slices? Plus a cup of lemonade?
Kicked off the new month with bookworms and having a relatively good book discussion and everything else in between. Thank God for good company composing this book club. We dined at Fez which served a good venue for our first ever book discussion. And we loved the ceiling interiority of it.
Quick date care of my loving sister. I am sooooo blessed to have her as my sister. She’s my confidante even when all she gets is my silence. The good thing is she already gets that.
Sweet treats from my sister still!!!
Called in sick today. Did things I love doing. How I wish every day could be just like this.
It’s the 38th monthsary card I gave Luke. Thankful that it only means we’ve made another month far. I always pray that let the Lord’s will be done in our relationship.

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