Monday, March 17, 2014

Merie Eats: Nanbantei of Tokyo for our 38th

Nanbantei of Tokyo
March 5, 2014
Luke and I celebrated our 38th month together in this restaurant called Nanbantei of Tokyo. I first heard this from my officemates who frequent this place. We had an early dinner, too early that it's actually closed yet when we decided to eat here. They have a window opening hours. For evening dining, they open at 5:30 PM. 
On a side note, I understand people who already get annoyed when people take too much photos of the food they eat. I am the latter haha! In defense, yes I am overly sentimental and I capture almost everything daily including the food I eat, for my sentimentality/blogging sake. Luke, on the other hand is NOT into documenting everything. In short, he's not really fond of seeing me do these things I keep doing haha! But he's not really preventing me to do such but I, of course want to compromise my liking for his not-liking at times. This night is among them haha! Hence, no individual photos of the dishes we ordered. Sayang feeling ko masusulit ko yung ibabayad namin if I can freeze all these in photos. Hahaha hashtag #proudlykuripot.

Anyway I'm still listing down what we ordered from upper left to right: California Maki (Php190), Yakiniku (Php180), Tori Karaage (Php200) and Ebi Kushi Yaki (Php260). It was a so-so dinner but we found it pricey mainly because we didn't really enjoy the taste of the food. But again as I always mention, I'm really not a fan of Japanese food however I'm open to trying dishes and restaurants. I did enjoy the Tori Karaage and it's my most liked order for that night. The service was great by the way and the place is not bad at all. 
Let me just put this in here too, this is already the 38th monthsary card I gave him and I am hopeful that card companies would not shutdown anytime soon; because I know I have many more months to give him a card. :) 

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