Sunday, March 23, 2014

Merie Designs: Emerald

It’s my first design project for this year – a prom gown for my friend’s sister’s prom. I was so excited for this mainly because I want to veer out the usual satin, shantung, organsa notion of prom gown I got used to when I was the one attending the prom. Added to this is the fact that Angel entrusted me this task. I was hands-on on this and made frequent contacts to the client. I made sure that I’m not disregarding the client’s requests despite that I already have an idea what would look good on her.

It all started with a sketch and after sending her some design sketches she chose this long-sleeved semi-A-line gown. It clicked with what I wanted her to choose.

Color is emerald green, as it always has its elegant feel. I chose the fabric hull dull for the skirt body and bodice lining. Bodice is topped off with lace. I also decided to make the chiffon layer detachable to give the client the option to remove it if she would not like it on at some point. I didn't place much embellishments except on the waist band part.

I am happy with the outcome and I am super glad that Angel really liked it. I wanted it to remain simple and elegant in Emerald. :)

The freehand sketch that I'm glad Nanay, the dressmaker, understood perfectly :)

The raw gown -- still free of embellishments and without the detachable chiffon layer waiting to be fitted.
The mannequin's quite wider than Angel hence detachable layer can't be fastened. This shows the little embellishments I did on this gown.
The finish product with the chiffon layer on.
This is Angel sexy wearing a Miss Merie gown. :)
Cr: Angel for her photos wearing the Emerald gown

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