Friday, March 14, 2014

Inspiration: Ashley Woodson Bailey

I was four years old when I discovered flowers. It was honeysuckle vine growing wildly up a neighbor’s fence and it smelled like candy. The most delicious and sweet candy I had ever come across, and I wanted to eat it.  From there I started to notice all the beautiful flowers that grew in my native land of South Coastal Texas. Everywhere I turned I was surrounded by lantana, bougainvillea and oleander and I loved all of it.  The colors.  The overgrown lushness of the terrain was intoxicating.  It wasn’t until many years later that I realized I wanted flowers to be apart of my everyday life.  My years as a floral designer, mother and wife have led me to where I stand today with a deep-rooted desire to create something lasting.  A way to preserve a memory or a thought or a movement with forever flowers. (Source:
Stumbling upon her site is such a beautiful discovery. I think only a few people do NOT appreciate flowers or anything flower-y/floral. No wonder it's one of the top choices to give to someone who needs a picker-upper. But Woodson has indeed a different way of preserving the beauty of such a wonderful creation, even separating it into light and dark relaying different feels, or maybe ako lang because I'm such an emo kid haha! At the back of my mind I just want to put all of the flowers she captured into a fabric and turn it into an emo-ish floral collection haha! Anyway enjoy the photos below grabbed from her site.

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