Monday, March 24, 2014

Musings Inside a Coffeeshop

Back in college, I have an imagination of seeing myself working in a studio or in coffee shops, doing creative stuff, designing, reading, writing... I imagine myself being paid for what I love doing. I imagine my hours on my hands and not restricted by the time-in-and-out. On rare occasions I find myself inside a coffee shop doing the things I love doing, but the usual 8-hrs of weekdays are spent in front of two monitors, a keyboard, a mouse, a telephone – inside a usual office – the usual corporate slave. Up to this day I still imagine myself to be doing these things I call creative spilling. I sometimes dislike the moments wherein I’m stuck at my workstation, needing to perform deliverables, while some creative juice in me are ready to be leaked out. It’s almost torture. Up to this day I raise these dreams to the Author praying that someday soon or someday far, I’d be in the very place where I want to be.

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