Friday, March 7, 2014

Fashion Friday Inspiration

I must admit that the floral background got me. I stumbled upon this 2014 Claire Pettibone Couture Bridal collection while having my usual rounds on wedding blogs. It obviously got my attention and ended up posting it here for some inspiration. It’s dramatically beautiful. The gowns in the collection are nothing really grand, nothing of those balloon skirts and elegant bodice, but they’re graceful and charming and there’s something in the intricate details and lovely back minutiae. I think I’m having an increased fondness for lace and chiffon or fabrics similar to these.

My favorite. Lovely, charming and graceful to the eyes



Keilah Mabel Micah Lacap said...

This is love! Floral prints are my favorite! As in!

Merie Clarete said...

Floral prints have a feel good vibe with them.. They're effortlessly attractive. Lakas din maka-pretty haha!