Monday, March 3, 2014

Merie Eats: Mogu

Mogu, Serendra
Feb 3, 2014
As mentioned in a previous blog post, this is where we ate in celebration of my sister's birthday. They went all the way to Serendra because it's near my workplace. I pass by this food place everyday but it's my first time to try this restaurant, they're first time too, and we were not disappointed. The below will show you what we ordered. 
Ebi Tempura Maki (Php245)
Chicken Teppanyaki (Php295)
Carbonara (Php285)
It's the odd one out because I always want to try Carbonara haha
Grilled Salmon (Php425)
Ebi Tempura (Php205) and Mixed Tempura (Php290)
Sukiyaki (Php685) It's our favorite dish that night
We got this dessert for free cos it's Queza's birthday :)

It was a good first time given that my family, except for my sister, doesn't eat much Japanese food.

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