Wednesday, April 3, 2013

164. Good Friday

It was a day, some days or a week of vacation for most, but I was stuck in front of my work desk doing my share on the corporate world! You know what's really weird, we were asked to work but the boss in Hong Kong is actually on leave. Cool yeah. But I wasn't really complaining as on the brighter side it was a double pay day! That's a good way of compensating that day off I wouldn't be paid for because I am not a regular employee yet.

Good Friday was composed of making and sending out reports. And eating at McDonald's! And participating on a Holy Week event by Church Simplified, Walkway. And shopping for books on sale at Fully Booked (yes it was open on a Good Friday!).

And having a spontaneous me-time inside a coffee shop with a book. That few hours that I could say 'Aaaaah the quiet life!'. I actually miss those days when I would just out-of-whim go inside a coffee shop more than once a week, and spend hours inside it, alone. Baristas need not ask for my name because I was a frequent customer. Now, I have a lot of reasons or maybe more of excuses to not do it again, or not do it as frequently as before. I have a job that eats up most of my time (imagine needing to travel at least 3hrs each day 5x a week = 15 hrs!!). I'm trying to lessen my coffee intake as it makes me palpitate more and doesn't seem like healthy anymore (that I ordered a juice instead at the photo above). And we all know how pricey coffee or coffee-blended drinks are inside these coffee shops, and I am telling myself not to spend too much bulk of my budget on them which I can compensate with a 3-in-1 Nescafe instead. Well this doesn't sound like me. I actually don't drink instant coffee two years ago. Haha! It was a few moments of having a lone time. It's my kind of fun and 'vacation' on a Good Friday.

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