Wednesday, April 17, 2013

173. Real beauty sketches!!! You are more beautiful than you think.

Wow kudos Dove for coming up with this Ad campaign. For all the ladies out there, we all can relate to this. At one point we've looked down on ourselves. At one point we thought that we were the ugliest lady alive. We always had a bad hair day, a face that seems always on a breakout. Too full lips. Too thin lips. Flat nose. And c’mon the list is endless. It's hard to embrace ourselves when we see those perfect-faced and perfectly-sculpted bodies everywhere. And then we think lowlier, in a not-so-good way, of ourselves physically. But this ad tells a lot about what we should feel about ourselves.
Do we really need someone or something like this to shove to our face that no one, NOT ANY SINGLE PERSON THAT EXISTS IN THIS WORLD possess the beauty that we own. The problem is we face the mirror, and we don't see the very beauty that is in front of us. Let this ad campaign be a wake-up call. Let's exude and don the real beauty that we are because as the ad campaign's trying to relay -- you are more beautiful than you think (just look at those sketches!!!). And it's about time to feel that way.

*p.s. This is not a sponsored post.*
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