Monday, April 29, 2013

181. Watta Well-Rounded Well-spent Weekend

It was a sure tiring weekend but it has so much fun and interesting things in between. One well-rounded well-spent weekend!

Weekend was fun as early as Friday! Got to do some new and interesting stuff.

Saturday was jam-packed! At 9AM, I found myself back at MSE Basketball court (where FactSet Yellow Team 2012 was unbeatable hehehe) supporting a new Yellow Team (Macquarie's). I was so ready to cheer for the boyfriend, and as I told him I'm a lucky charm as they won!!! Winner-by-default. Ayos! Haha! So I woke up early to watch them have a friendly game instead. We had some food-trip at SM Makati Foodcourt, where we used to do it before we head to FS office before. Nostalgic, we missed it. And then we went to my hometown to do some house tripping (I feel so adult doing it!!). And then we had some family bonding over Fatboy's pizza at SM Foodcourt (first time namin makatikim ng Fatboy's pizza) with an added super funny epic booboo by Mama hahaha. And then we had a sandal-search and basketball-shoes search in Southmall and in ATC. We did find a pair of pretty sandals for Mama (late birthday present) but we weren't able to buy a pair of basketball shoes for Luke (paging anyone selling KD 4 Galaxy All Star and/or  KD 4 Home N7 size 8.5-9 please comment!!!!). He did find some pairs though but resisted to buy them that time. And then we went home. Immediately dozed off.

Sunday was sorta jam-packed as well. We had a champorado breakfast. Then we went to Agility Center in Paranaque, it's Nike's warehouse still trying to find a pair to no avail. Instead, he scored a Manchester collared top and I confidently bought a size 0 athletic bottoms which didn't fit me (just found out today). I'm really not a size 0, but most of the time it fits me or I fit into it, ah either. So that was a fail. He had to go home while I need to attend church service.

After which I had dinner with my high school barkada as Doctor Gil Aguila's thanksgiving treat! at Gerry's Grill, ATC! Hooray for our barkada's resident doctor!! We are so proud of him!

On other note, it's been months since I bonded with my friends, and talking to them and seeing them made me feel oh-so-happy. I got really updated last night. I am so happy for my friends and I thank God that I'm blessed with friends like them!! Galing-galing lang!

Kulang pa ang barkada nito!

So that was a tamad blog post of my just-ended weekend. :)

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