Tuesday, April 16, 2013

172. Weekend Getaway

And so the just-ended weekend was fun. Had a quick summer getaway at Tagaytay. Finally it pushed through kahit Tagaytay lang. Kahit Tagaytay lang pwede na just because this heat is killing me! It was my first time to stay overnight at Tagaytay and it was gooooood. Despite the fact that people keep saying that Tagaytay's weather is not as cold as before, I was still amazed that we really don't need to switch on the AC unit in our room to get rid of the heat. 

We stayed at Tagaytay Wingate Manor. It is not that appealing nor disappointing. There are a lot better hotels and/or B&B in the area but it was worth the amount we paid for. We got a decent room that comes with a free one-hr massage for two. The place also has an outdoor swimming pool. The thing I like about this place is that it's faraway from the hassles of Tagaytay city. Yep, it's not located along the main roads of Tagaytay so we got our needed peaceful time. But the place is just a few minutes away from the establishments too! We just need to unwind a bit and feel that we're away anything Manila/work-related. And we were satisfied.

It's yet another memorable weekend. I was about to push through with this post and include photos until the memory card failed on me and suddenly it was corrupted! So I'm left with these photos for my sentimentality's sake.

We went to Paseo de Sta.Rosa and Nuvali afterwards to look for a pair of basketball shoes and to stroll around. But instead of him buying a pair, I ended up scoring two pairs for myself! And yes indeed, what a weekend!! I hope every weekend's like this.

p.s. I can't believe the second quarter of the year already started and yet I haven't gone to any vacation yet!!! It makes me frustrated!!  And so Tagaytay was good enough for me.

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