Wednesday, April 3, 2013

165. Boo Boo Day Wednesday

Today was a tad off for me. I have a really good share of booboos at work and sending wrong emails and wrong reports. Not dwelling. So a spontaneous trip to the salon is what I felt like I needed. I need something to make me feel good. I've been going to Angelo Falconi Salon but they close early for my end of shift that lead me to try Azta Urban Salon @ ATC. Apart from the work-related stress it's high time for a trim which well didn't seem like a trim. Chopped off more than an inch. And my treat for myself -- tried out their lycopene treatment as per their suggestion. I super like the feeling on the scalp while they were applying it! Perfect for the hot weather. Super cool menthol effect. It made my hair soft as well. Good enough for a spur of the moment trip. So to the booboos that happened, beh, I have a newly treated hair!! Haha!☺

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