Thursday, April 4, 2013

166. The Croods > G.I.Joe (Two Movies One Night)

Last Saturday, 30th of March, was a double movie night with Luke!! This was actually our first time doing such! It's all because we both heard of good feedback of The Croods and at the same time we were having excitingly great expectations for G.I. Joe Retaliation. And so after a good massage at Blue Water Day Spa (they really have good ambiance and service), we headed to Newport Cinemas for our dose of cuteness and fun and action and adventure -- releasing the kiddies in us!

We watched The Croods first which is totally totally worth the peso!!! It's a 'prehistoric comedy' movie. The storyline is just really simple and the plot is actually weird. But it's overloaded with funny lines and scenes! It's a good family movie, a picker-upper -- you won't go out of the cinema without laughing! And hearing Emma Stone's voice is a plus! Such a charmer even with her voice haha!Now that I'm thinking about the movie, it makes me wanna watch it again. It was just a light movie that can surely make you feel light.

Up next was G.I. Joe Retaliation. Just a few things, in my opinion, on why this movie must be watched -- ninja scenes -- ok so that was just one thing. I didn't really liked the movie compared with its first installment. Or maybe because Channing Tatum's role was killed right away. Haha. But kidding aside, I even felt asleep while watching. I got bored on some parts, even if we watched it in 3D. Kids will love it though. It's actually action-packed. And G.I. Joe fans too.

So these are the latest movies I/we watched. But early morning of Saturday, as in really early from around 4AM I think. I got to finally FULLY watch Silver Linings Playbook and I looooove it. I like it. It made me wanna read the book! And no wonder Jennifer Lawrence nailed those awards. And Bradley Cooper is just so handsome. Haha! It's indeed a must-watch movie.

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