Friday, April 12, 2013

170. Fashion Friday: VS Swim Summer Spring

Summer and swim wears have a high correlation to each other. Duh. I was just browsing through lookbooks and runway photos for some swim wears just for some eye candies since I really have no summer plans so I'm just doing window online shopping and beach hopping online. I thought of compiling my favorite online swimwear finds (which I might do some other time) and then I came across Victoria's Secret swim/summer/spring collections 2013. And so I ended up liking most of the pieces. I would love to collect them but they are for my eyes only for now because first, I don't think they would suit me well and second, I have other far more valuable things to spend on than these hahaha! Please look at the SWIMWEARS and not the alluring faces and captivating body (can't help it ba?). I want my blog very wholesome but I just feel like posting these swimwear chicness. Walang malisya. Haha! So here you go.

Don't these photos make you just rush to the nearest beach and bum around?? Pero parang bigla naman nahiya ang skinny body ko and almost inexistent boobs to wear swim wears! Anyway, must beach soon argh!!


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