Saturday, April 20, 2013

174. Happy Birthday Mama!

That's my Mama up there with me (with the flower hair band and power bangs), my sister (with the coolest sunshine-y shades everrrr) and my youngest sib/brother (who doesn't look amazed with his cake haha so cuute). That photo was taken 17 years ago. Up to this day my dearest mother is still taking care of us. She provides our basic needs and irreplaceable love, care and seemingly never-ending understanding!! What's fascinating is that it comes with a free sermon everyday!!! Kidding!!

She's celebrating her birthday today and it makes me feel sad that I'm still not in the position to give her one bongga gift. That kind of gift that can maker her rest for the rest of her life and stop working. Ang hirap kasi ng buhay!!! She has been really hard-working! So she deserves something big. I pray that someday I can give her one of her heart's desires.

My Mama's not getting any younger but still she's still around me all the time -- front to guide me, side to tag along on those shopping days hehehe and behind to support me and maybe catch me on those days I can't bear it. I'm not the showiest type of daughter -- not showy at all I guess. I am not mushy when it comes to her. We are just like best friends who love to get into a fight all the time. But at the end of the day, reconciliation happens and then to salon and shopping we go. Funny. But maybe that's one thing I appreciate about her. She could just ignore me from all the things I've done her but well, she's a mother. There is just something about a mother's love and care, they can't easily let go. She's close to a superwoman. Sexy body na lang kulang. Haha joke. But with all the things she's done for the family, she's one hero not any movie nor comics can depict. 'Di pwede, mahal ang royalty fee namin. Haha! Kidding aside, with my age, the things she's done just for me alone, are immeasurable!

And so for her birthday, I've got no house and/or lot and/or car and/or a diamond peel machine to give to her but for one, this simple blog post to show the interwebs how the best my Mama is

Happy birthday Mama and I love you!!
(Basahin mo na 'to ng maraming beses minsan lang to! Hahaha!)

Yes, I look like her a lot kaya siguro kami lagi magkaaway hehehe

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