Saturday, April 6, 2013

168. 27th. 823rd. To the depths of my bone marrows...

April 5, 2013 marks our 27 months being together! Yikeeee! Yes we still celebrate monthsary in this age! As what the monthsary card I gave him states:

"Aside from feeling really blessed every moment that I know you're mine, it's sweet to know we celebrate this love a month at a time."

Ang mushy lang ba? Haha! Indeed, I would not tire of writing in this blog of how I feel blessed to have him as my special someone. My everyday prayer includes that we, as two people in a relationship though not yet married, will flourish even more according to His will; that we may continue to be a blessing and be a testimony to people who know us and maybe even to those who we just bump into while maybe crossing the street or strolling around anywhere. I pray for more days (more than 823 days!!!! Maybe x100,000,000,000,000) and months and years and if God permits and if Luke permits (hahaha), decades  -- a lifetime.

Only a few people really really know me to the depths of my bones and bone marrows, I can even count it in less than the number of fingers on one of my hands and this includes him. He is one person who knows the pinakamasangsang, the worst smell, I may have. And guess what, he stays!!! Boss Amo, thank you so much! I love you!!!

Red Velvet cupcakes from Chocolat
-- his monthsary sweetness in the form of these and to which I assumingly translates to "I love you Merie" a cupcake per word. Sweet noh?? Haha! It's my favorite red velvet cupcake :)

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