Thursday, April 25, 2013

179. Thank You Thursday

Last year, I’ve kept a daily grateful journal and also posted them daily on my Twitter account hash-tagged #gratefuljournal. For this blog I’m thinking and hopefully I can do it religiously just like last year, of posting "Thankful Thursdays" to mention the things I am thankful about. It might be a humongous trying to be profound post haha or simply a list. You know how having a grateful attitude magnifies blessings, attracts good vibes and helps in improving one’s outlook in life and see the bright side of each day. So for this week, I’m starting off with a simple list I’m greatly thankful for just the recent days.

Five things I’m thankful about recently:

1. Since I’ve started as a Business Analyst, from being a Trainer, I have never been as appreciative of my current role. I’ve been missing training tasks a lot. But just last week, it was impressed in me the wonder of my current role. I now feel that it is indeed an answer to my prayers. I feel thankful that I have so many things to discover and learn now. From talking in front of people to working behind the reports and analysis presented to the big bosses and the different stake and stockholders. Also, I’ve come to appreciate more the major courses I took back in college. I am able to apply them!! Everyday is not too toxic in terms of workload. And sometimes I feel like I’m paid more than what I do! Which is I think a good thing not to mention that they have given me my expected salary.(It took me three months to see this good side, whut?!)

2. I’m thankful for my parents who prepare my baon everyday (or almost everyday)!!! Laking tipid and saves me from thinking on where to eat. It has been my/our dilemma the every day "San tayo kakain?" question. And then lately they have been really spoiling me with all my fruit and food cravings! The other day they made me a watermelon shake. Last night I just told them that I’m craving for an isaw and then 15mins after I’m eating one. I love them!! I'm like back to being an only child days haha!

3. My boyfriend has been really super supportive and loving and understanding lately despite our opposing work shifts. I feel more loved not just by my parents but also by my boyfriend. Still kinikilig after all this time! I have never felt this loved and special. It just keeps getting better everyday!

4. I know it is becauseof the Spirit that I have been feeling somehow jolly lately. The joy and strength that comes from the Lord and that I can overcome every day through Him. There were days I'm just too lazy to get out of the sheets but as I go through the day, the heavy feeling gets lighter. And then lately I feel like smiling a lot. I just know that there's something going on inside of me, something that God's maybe working on and it feels alright!

5. The business/es are slowly taking shape! Slowly but I know these are part of God's will! 

What happens when you try to start making a list like this, you suddenly feel that it can go on forever. See, life's not bad at all. There are SO many things to be thankful about. Imagine the little things and then there's so much more. Your turn, just think of one thing to be grateful about today. :)

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