Wednesday, June 5, 2013

208. 29th. 883rd. And our iPad Minis!!!

A shot at one of the islands in Caramoan. Aw how I missed that serene of a place
This is becoming a monthly habit -- posting every monthsary haha! I am such a sentimental person.

We often celebrate our monthsary with food but this month’s not the usual one. As you may have known and/or read, I had a surgical extraction which kept me from eating normally. But surgery’s not totally done yet and now I am suffering again from teeth ache, clicking sounds whenever I chew, sore gums, and even my sense of hearing is affected at rare times. On the other hand, Luke had his tooth extracted and had some of his teeth filled with pasta, which only means that no food-feasting for our monthsary for the both of us. Sad is sad!! Guess what, we devoured ourselves over our mangkok of champorado and a slice of Mary Grace cake. Idaan na lang sa sweetness to one another. When all of these are over, trust us, you’ll see us going gaga inside a buffet restaurant! I can not wait!!!! Aren’t we so sweet sharing the same pain and ache??! Hahaha! And we are both thin people, I am like abnormally thin, and we are in a position on which we are still losing the little weight that we have! Gah!

On other news, both of us sort of gave ourselves a treat last Sunday, sort of a REWARD! We believed that we deserve some good thing in this busy life of ours so we decided to buy ourselves iPad Minis! Yay! He got a black one and I obviously got a white one. We availed of Smart’s promo on the Php8,000 slashed off from the original Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad mini price which is actually almost just like the same price of an iPad mini Wi-Fi only. We carefully deliberated on this including the monthly plan on top of our cash-out, and we’re happy for our purchase and overall decision!!! Four days into using Smart as internet provider, and I’m superbly enjoying their LTE services!! Still praying that it’s a nice choice on along-term basis!

We immediately bought screen protectors and cases right after but I'm still excited to dress-up Tinsy! Now that is more maluho!! *coughcoghKateSpadecasescoughcough* Lol paging Luke
Hers and His
The black one's really smart-and-sleek-looking, I don't have a photo of its back casing and I actually regretted a bit just a bit of not getting the black one. Haha but I'm happy with Tinsy being white.

Aaaah! I’m in love with my iPad Mini which I named Tinsy! I am no gadget person. This is so far the most maluho thing I bought for myself. I usually buy ‘luho’ for my family and loved ones but not for myself, so ganito pala ang feeling! Haha! It feels good that there’s no guilt as one of the main reasons I bought this is to stay 'tuned' to our online business wherever I may be most especially if it gets demanding. And I think it’s about time to have a taste of Apple for myself. Hihihi. Happppyyyy! And just like what Luke said, hard work rewarded!
That's us trying the camera. Haha!

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