Sunday, June 16, 2013

219. Papa's Day 2013 feat Turon ala Mode


Happy Father’s Day to my first ever superhero! Walang sinabi si Man of Steel sa Papa ko! Marrying my Mom is one of the bravest things to do – and it’s close to overcoming kryptonite weakness. Hehehe. Samahan pa ng panganay na tulad ko! Hahaha I kid of course. But being a father is not an easy job so props to my Papa!! He has to take care and guard us four! He drives for us and picks us up on those rainy days and even on normal days – literally and figuratively. He even acts as our mother sometimes. He never left us even if he may have reasons to! He’s not a perfect father, but he’s the best! This is more than just a movie line in a superhero installment but I owe you my life Papa. Naks!

Sila ang bida sa post na to, Papa and the turon ala Mode. Papa's so cuuuute nearing his 60s! hehehe

ang Turon ala Mode
We had one quick celebration at Kanin Club, Westgate Alabang. Sister needs to go back to Bataan, it was raining and it was getting late. It’s a late lunch/early dinner. Luke’s also present to celebrate.

Family's complete! Yay!!

With the weirdo nerdy geeky sister
Probably one of the best photos Papa and I have together! According to Mama kami ang mag-amang sexy! He also eats a LOT and that is his "bulkiest" already
Love you Papa!!

Mama, tapos na Mother's day. Hahaha! They both had iced coffee drinks after...
Happy father's day to every father and single moms out there!!

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