Thursday, June 6, 2013

209. Thankful Thursdays

  1. Thankful for recovering and that I can eat better now. I’m still praying though that my teeth and gums (or whatever that is inside my mouth) will be totally healed.

  2. Having a new gadget (first time??) brings happiness and fulfillment. I feel blessed and grateful to be in a position to own and use one. Weee!!
  3. Luke and I have come this far, despite the misunderstandings we had for the past month. I thank God for working on us and through us.
  4. Six months to working in his new role, indeed through God’s grace and his hard work, I want to thank the Lord for giving a level-up role to him. All glory to God! And I’m a proud girlfriend! Haha!
  5. Dada and I finally launched our humble little online shop. Praying for its success and that may it be an outlet of our creative juices and taste. May it also be a channel of blessings to people we share the same interests with.

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