Thursday, June 13, 2013

214. Thankful Thursdays

1. It’s the busy month-end days again at work and I feel thankful that I was able to do my tasks. The no. of reports I generate and create is no joke!

2. Approaching six months with this job post, I feel thankful that there’s still a learning curve. I learn from each mistake, and there’s still a lot for me to learn. I keep on praying for more of God’s revelation on this job.

3. Luke’s thoughtfulness still surprises me! Sweets are instant picker-uppers! 

4. Thankful for an aligned shift schedules! Yay! More time to talk and stroll around together! :)
 even after shift!

5. I have been arriving home at 11 PM the earliest since last week, braving the traffic, the crowd and the rain after a whole day of work and ‘sidelines’. Despite this, I may be abnormally thin, but my body and health didn’t give up on me!

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