Thursday, June 20, 2013

222. Thankful Thursdays

1. It's been a packed weekend! I was able to bond with my high school friends and thankful that the friendship is still there after all those years! I've even known some of them for two decades now!! Also,  last Sunday was Father's day and we were able to squeeze in a quick but intimate celebration. These days that I and my sister are enslaved by our jobs, dining with the family being complete has become a rare precious moment. 

2. I feel like I was able to do a lot this week!! Keeping my blog up to date has always been a happy task for me and as you may have noticed, I was already able to post the happenings last weekend! Yay! I'm a sentimental freak and as much as possible I want every occasion documented! Haha!

3. There's this contest and the procrastinator that I am almost gave up on my busyness and had second thoughts of joining. Thankfully, I sketched, fabric-hunted and sent them to a dressmaker all in two days! Medyo crammer. Haha! I'm yet to submit two entries next week but I'm already claiming it in His name!

4. Joining the contest, I am motivated by the people who believe in me! Might I say who still believe in me! Nakakataba ng puso!

5. It's the rainy season again wherein it's hard to commute, either privately or publicly! Last Monday, I was caught in the middle of the common Las Pinas traffic intensified by the rain. But my superheroes came to the rescue! My parents picked me up and made the hassle and agony lesser. Of course, it's been raining for the past days but thankfully I arrive home safe and not really needing to go through/walk through a flood! :)

6. God's words never fail. I feel so blessed and touched by the preachings and words that I've been reading and hearing this week!! 

Ikaw, what are you thankful for the past seven days?

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