Sunday, June 16, 2013

217. Beng's Silver Celebration

Usually June and July are the months of ‘reunion’ with my high school buddies. We have six celebrants for June and July which is obviously the reason why the bulk of our get-together happens on these months.

Kicking it off with Beng’s birthday celebration…

Last Saturday Beng chose to celebrate her silver birthday with no other than the best barkada, US BERKS!!! We had a sumptuous dinner at Toperio’s, somewhere inside Moonwalk village. I especially like their Sinigang!! The asim that suits my taste! The spring rolls taste good too! Thanks Beng for the treat!

So this is Beng, one of the closest people – girlfriend – God has blessed me with. I’ve known her since 1st grade. I would never forget that very first day I met her. First day classes were done and I was waiting for our helper to pick me up and I saw Beng – wearing a white headband with a noticeable flower over a ribbon and lace. What a pretty girl! Pero…. I was sure that she just ate a chocolate ice candy or ice cream with the choco smudged on her face and choco stain all over her white school blouse! Hahaha! Sorry Beng! Yun talaga pagkakatanda ko sa first day end of classes! That “messy kiddo” turned out to be after years, the gradeschool’s Green team’s muse, and our high school’s student council president. Ohaaaaa. Medyo messy ang recollection ko on our first day encounter but she grew up to be a wonderful and strong lady (naks bawi na ako! Haha). She’s one person I can surely turn to, actually most people around her turn to her for some advice. She’s always fun to be with the perky being that she is. She’s a true blessing to the people around her, to her boyfriend, to her family, to me, to us, berks. So cheers to a more bountiful silver year!

I'm with pretty girls!

and more pretty girls!
My big barkada and we're not even complete!
Celebrating with the Berks, it was again a good night of catching up, of laughter and of whatnots! I can still remember when we used to talk about what courses to take up in college, what college/university to go to, where to hang out after C.A.T., are we going to graduate and on time, will we get decent jobs after graduation, etc. And yesterday we talked about our jobs, our compensation and benefits, our more serious lovelife, our thinking of moving to another job, of buying houses, condo units, wheels (sila sasakyan ako gulong pa lang kaya kong bilhin literal haha I.T. jobs really pay well huh) of travelling, of future ‘adult’ plans and even of wedding plans (like woaaahhh!). The evolution of the things we talk about over food and drinks is at an observable increasing inclination, which is good! Cheers to more birthday celebrations, Berks! I don’t get to be with them each time, but I make sure that if I could, I set aside time! Love them!

and this is a very clear photo with the Orig4! haha two weekends in a row na! Yay!!

Luke also celebrated with us! :) As per Beng's request we have legit photos together hahaha!

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