Saturday, June 22, 2013

225. And so we ended this series this way...


Pagod ako, kumain tayo nang marami…”, Luke said.
“Nakaka-depress pagkatalo ng Spurs sa Heat, sa HEAT!! Of all teams!”, and so I agreed to quite splurge on food. By splurge, we mean, dining in restaurants apart from fast-food chains – splurge na yun.

This is how we dealt with a tiring and heartbreaking Friday. Huhuhu, Duncan and his droopy eyes, this humble giant missing a crucial shot, I saw regret and sadness in his eyes! And then the handsome Parker who also worked hard for this series. And then there was Manu, who sold the game to their opponent. Depressing! Hahaha! Manu, pinatunayan mong sixth player ka hehehe. I’m not a diehard fan of the franchise but it’s the team that I don’t think I would hate unlike… nyahaha.

But really, Luke was tired, it was a heartbreaking day, it was the last day of the week and we were starving – it was Friday, drizzling, and restaurants are packed, we finally opted for Mr. Rockefeller (located at 2F, Greenbelt 3). Guess what! They’re showing the Game 7 heartbreaking, saddening, depressing, and head-pounding, Finals Game 7!! How ironic!!! Hahaha! OA lang. We refuse to even see the glimpse of the televisions inside the restaurant. Ok so anyways, though we are in splurge mode, but because we are anticipating some expenses towards the end of the month, thrift mode is on, too.

We shared a Bourbon Boneless Ribs meal with a couple of side dishes, fresh watermelon shake, and had Dark Caramel Cake for dessert, and of course extra rice.
Boneless Bourbon Ribs Php495
Dark Caramel Cake Php180
fresh watermelon shake Php130
And this is tired Luke and behind him is a Game 7 replay haha

There’s that refreshing feeling after talking to him and eating together. :) Ok na, sige na congrats na Heat. Hahaha!

I can’t wait for the next splurge mode and thriftiness order is temporary lifted to buffet our hearts out. Haha it’s been a while!!

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