Friday, June 14, 2013

215. Book Hoard: IncrediBULK Sale!

Books are my weakness. More so books on SALE! It’s that time of the year when I visit OMF Bookstore to abuse their sale! This year’s got to be the best so far; the best deal on OMF published books! I like reading fiction, but it’s always refreshing to read nonfiction too. While my mind gets to travel and cross that line between reality and fantasy on reading fiction, nonfiction somehow keeps me sane and still be in awe that there’s much more beauty in reality, and also helps in dealing the not-so-good part of it. I also like reading books written by anointed people, inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit, and books that bless not just my eyes and brain cells but also my heart and soul. I like devotionals too and I’ve been acquiring at least two each year. I also like Bibles in different colors and designs and versions! With all these said, OMF Bookstore is the place to be!!

So I just purchased 11 books from them! I got some serious reading to do on top of my piled fiction books. Must stop procrastinating in reading. Haha! I must admit since I owned Tinsy, my book-reading was set aside with minimal schedule. Hihihi. Balik-basa na ulit.

Luke seldom reads books but I bought him this one, surely fits his interest.

The sale is up until the 22nd of June!

p.s. Hopefully, I could post entries on book reviews too! :)

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