Thursday, June 13, 2013

213. After a Year

Last Saturday weekend, I was blessed enough to have time to bond with former officemates and also with my forever lovely girlfriends! It’s actually surprisingly sad and nostalgic realizing that the last time we were complete was a year ago! Finally finally, after 12 months in the making, our dinner date pushed through!

This blog (Merieisms) together with the other blog that got deleted (R.I.P msheng12 2004 - 2008) is a very good memory lane with my girls – from dating every two weeks to monthly, to quarterly, to semi-annually to yearly??? Wag naman! We used to see each other frequently until we started with our thesis, then we graduated from college then we started being corporate slaves. What we realized is that we are indeed growing up and there was a shuffle and addition of priorities (napaka-adult!! haha). But the nicest thing is, the bond remains and even stronger as a year of not seeing each other can not break it apart. These are the bestest of friends I have (a decade and a half and counting!!!). And my heart knows that it’s for forever. I love you Julie, Beng and Kaye!!! Let’s have a date more often and push through with our plans please before we all settle down. Let’s not wait until we have our lifetime partners and babies before we reunite again haha!

Stripes and Dots, me with the ever perky Beng

The chix hahaha! Pretty girlfriends!
So everyday nasa The Fort ako? We had our pasta and pizza dinner at Chelsea in Serendra. The ambiance is not that fancy and nothing extraordinary. It gives a typical restaurant ambience though I am saying this having our table nearest the entrance/exit doors. The menu looks savvy and this is coming from the pasta-"liker"that I am. Of course a first visit to a restaurant with a carbonara in the menu automatically puts that dish in the list of our orders. I like the fettuccine’s texture and how the cream and the taste aren’t left on the plate, I hope you’re getting what I mean haha.  The Over-rosated Seafood and Tomato Cream Pesto suited my taste buds for a tomato-based cream! The pizza was a so-so, maybe because we ate it already cold. But all of our orders are worth the price we paid! We got the Toblerone cake slice for free…^_^ (I guess the restau owes us on this hihihi!)
UL: Over-rosated Seafood and Tomato Cream Pesto (Php495) // UR: Roasted Portobello Mushroom Pizza (Php475)
LL: Classic Fettucine Carbonara (Php450) // LR: Toblerone cake slice

Of course, a year of catching up took up most of our time together! Bitin, next time overnight na ulit. The last time was 2010 (remember Julie and Beng, Kaye is MIA).

credits to Beng for the photos! :)

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