Monday, June 24, 2013

228. Hair Treats :)

It’s that time for the quarterly trim and for my Mom, time to color her fast-growing hair again. Sunday, we headed to our suki, Angelo Falconi Salon Hairzone (URCI Casimiro branch, visit them service's really good!!!!), our kind of bonding. Hindi naman ako artista but it’s important that our crowning glory gets to be pampered and well taken care of. In my case, Sonny has been in charge of my hair for almost two years now. It used to be Dan, of the same salon, but he already left the salon for good.

I really like it whenever I have my hair treated most especially if it’s for free!! Hair treatments treat by Mama! Hehehe.
Spent close to three hours in the salon!!! Good thing I have Tinsy to entertain me.
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My hair had a trim, permanent gloss treatment (I think it’s Mahogany Brown this time, this is the infamous "cellophane" treatment), and hot oil too. :D Abuso! Haha! Mama’s hair had a trim, color retouch and she also had her foot spa.

I really like how it turned out! :) I like the color gloss :D

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