Sunday, June 16, 2013

216. New Toy: AKG Headphones!

And he’s got a new toy! It’s an AKG K518LE DJ headphones. Last month, he mentioned how he was looking for headphones and while we were strolling around High Street, we entered a shop that’s all about sound systems. We tried this headphones and I thought to myself that it’s a MUST-BUY! It’s actually pricey for something just for playing music not to mention that we’re not audio experts and we're kuripot at heart haha, but as soon as I got the chance to try it, the bass-lover that I am, instantly fell in love with its fat bass sound. I felt like I’m in my own music world! That kind that people will look at me when I try singing with the headphones on because I will have no idea how loud my singing would be (apart from the fact that I have a really good singing voice hahaaha!). Sarap pang-soundtrip! And then while strolling around a mall, I saw it on sale (mukha po talaga akong SALE!!), so go figure what happens next! Actually it’s obvious as shown above. Haha! Labo ko chong! But no regrets, it’s a sure good music companion most especially in those moments when one wants to separate oneself from one’s “outside” world.

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