Tuesday, June 11, 2013

212. Crazy Birthday Girl

Last Saturday, Chat treated us to a sumptuous lunch at Watami (Japanese cuisine) at Glorietta 1. We became more full of talks and laughs than what we actually ate. We missed each other that much and I bet Chat missed us THAT MUCH! Hahaha! We also headed to CBTL, still at Glorietta 1, to talk over our ice-blended drinks, Dax's treat hahaha! I love my friends hahaha!

After months of not seeing each other, this is the closest we could get to an “outing”. =D Thank God for Chat’s treat that we were semi-reunited. Right now, I could say that it's the best team I belonged to (or just yet). Our real friendship flourished and extended beyond the ‘team’. And back when we were all still part of the team, we were simply there for each other. How I miss my everyday-ness with them. Out of nothing, we could burst out laughing, bully each other “naturally”, literally act like kids around each other, and still be each other’s confidante and shoulder-to-lean-and-cry-on. Thankfully, it didn’t end inside the previous company’s walls.

And this is the birthday girl, the ‘kuhrazeeee’ birthday girl Chat. Our life quite turned around and upside down when she came into our lives – became huge messes, chaotic etc. Hahaha! But seriously, I thank God for this sweet lady. She’s among the few proofs that friendship can still happen in an office setting. She’s also among the few worth-treasuring, thanks Chat and I pray that our friendship will last.
Chocolat's Death By Tablea!!!! Nice color combo huh, very Chat :D

I missed these people!!! I hope we could still bond as frequent as before!

They are my "Ates" and I never thought that I would find sweet and caring and bully people like them.

The rare precious finds. I love you both! Let's bond soon!

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